Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Front Entrance

Greetings and welcome to All Things Brian!  The fact that you are here means you have good taste.  Or at least you recognize good taste when you see it, which for some people will simply have to suffice since true good taste will remain forever beyond their grasp.

You are now at the hub of my vast online presence.  Though I have sites where my interaction is more saturated, the sidebar provided here so generously by Blogger and its parent company Google enables me to unite the various blogs, websites, and social networking pages that I have created and crafted over the past few years, turning myself into a jaw-dropping internet phenomenon.  Please browse freely, but don’t smudge the glass.

You can start right here, at the cornerstone of my incredible personality, my great big journal of anything and everything that happens to be on my mind, with every entry being a golden nugget of inspiration.  Treasure them as you would precious jewels.

Then there are many other blogs (and there is no knowing when a magnificent new brainchild from my fertile neurons will blossom!) that I will pack so full of juicy tidbits that people won’t have time to stop reading them if they plan to keep abreast of my fascinating pearls of wisdom.

Over on the right, you can scroll down the sidebar to find a section labeled “Me, Me, Me!”  (I’m not sure who hacked into my blog and made me look so pretentious, but it’s too late now.)  It contains links to Facebook pages, YouTube channels, my prominent listing on the Internet Movie Database, my business website, and a page or two regarding my improving health and figure.  (There are those who insist my figure is already the model of male physique perfection and sex appeal, but they speak idle flattery, I’m sure.)  Other links may come and go during the life of this blog – though if I add much more to the list of sites I personally maintain, I won’t have a life outside the internet at all, which will disappoint the long line of admirers gathered outside my door even now.

On down the sidebar you’ll find links to sites where I am a mere contributor, as well as blogs and sites of good friends.  Depending on your own level of maturity, you may want to tread with care: Not all of my friends think like I do, the poor misguided fools that they are.

Then you’ll find a list of movies and books that people who want to be as wonderful as me should see and read, respectively.  The movies are linked to their full information at IMDB, but there is, sadly, no book repository to link to the literary works.  At least, not that I am aware of, which is the same as saying it doesn’t exist at all.

Next are three options for making sure you don’t miss a single riveting word posted to this blog: You can “follow” this blog from your own Blogger account, or connect to the RSS feed.  And if nothing else, you can browse back through the archived posts to relive your favorite moments, which will no doubt be too numerous to list.  The sidebar concludes with an index of topics so that you can instantly see all the posts related to your favorite subjects, which, I assume, will be all of them anyway so I’m not sure why I included that feature.

And there you have it.  Start browsing.  Soak it all in.  And be sure to come back often.

Because I’m just that central to your existence.

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